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Let Terry Dean be your dance instructor. He is available 24 hours a day, whether you are just beginning, brushing up your skills, or working to perfect your technique.

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You can review each video segment as many times as you’d like to practice and hone your craft.  Terry teaches technique and the lead for each sequence, while his partner Cindy demonstrates the follower’s role.

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For a low monthly fee of $21 per month, you have access to 288 video lessons – with more instruction on the way!


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Whether you are taking private or group lessons at a studio near you, or learning on your own, join our virtual studio! The sample lessons will give you a preview of our teaching style.

Keep coming back, too. We are adding new material every week. For only $21, you have access to our library of video lessons in American Smooth and American Rhythm dance styles. Use the handy Progress Chart to track how far you’ve come and to plan your practice sessions.

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Top Experts

Terry Dean

Lead Instructor

Terry has had an extremely successful independent dance studio since 1996.  He has continued to win awards as an independent studio. Terry Dean’s was the Yuletide Ball Top Studio in 2014 and 2015, and his students won “Top Student” awards at the 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Yuletide Ball Championships in Washington DC.  Terry and his staff of instructors have been repeat “Top Teacher” recipients. Terry has taught a staff of dance instructors to carry on his legacy in the studio, while he is turning his attention to you - students in his online studio.  He loves bringing out the best in his students regardless of level.

Cindy Reynolds

Terry’s partner, Cindy Reynolds, has been dancing with him since 2006.  She demonstrates the follower’s role in the videos. She is delighted to share her favorite activity with you.



I love learning from Terry and Cindy, these online videos have given me confidence and enjoyment in dancing.

Jessica White

Terry makes it easy to learn many dance steps.  Thanks to Terry, I feel comfortable on the dancefloor.

John Dawson

Terry and Cindy have a great chemistry in dancing, and makes me excited to learn dance steps with them.  Definately worth the subscription to their online service.

Mary Springs